Section 107 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria. False assumption of authority

Any person who‐

(a) not being a judicial officer, assumes to act as a judicial officer; or

(b) without authority assumes to act as a person having authority by law to administer an oath or take a solemn declaration or affirmation or affidavit, or to do any other act of a public nature which can only be done by persons authorised by law to do so; or

(c) represents himself to be a person authorised by law to sign a document testifying to the contents of any register or record kept by lawful authority, or testifying to any fact or event, and signs such document as being so authorised, when he is not, and knows that he is not, in fact, so authorised,

is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for three years. 

The offender cannot be arrested without warrant.

Section 107 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria

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