Section 54 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria. Other unlawful oaths to commit offences

Any person who‐

(1) administers, or is present at and consents to the administering of, any oath, or engagement in the nature of an oath, purporting to bind the person who takes it to act in any of the ways following, that is to say‐

(a) to engage in mutinous or seditious enterprise;

(b) to commit any offence not punishable with death, other than a simple offence;

(c) to disturb the public peace;

(d) to be of any association, society, or confederacy formed for the purposes of doing any such acts as aforesaid;

(e) not to inform or give evidence against any associate, confederate or other person;

(f) not to reveal or discover any unlawful association, society, or confederacy, or any illegal act done or to be done, or any illegal oath or engagement that may have been administered or tendered to or taken by himself or any other person, or the import of any such oath or engagement; or

(2) takes any such oath or engagement, not being compelled to do so; or

(3) attempts to induce any person to take any such oath or engagement, is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for seven years.

Section 54 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria

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