Section 371 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria. Child‐stealing

Any person who, with intent to deprive any parent, guardian or other person who has the lawful care or charge of a child under the age of twelve years, of the possession of such child, or with intent to steal any article upon or about the person of any such child‐

(1) forcibly or fraudulently takes or entices away, or detains the child; or

(2) receives or harbours the child, knowing it to have been so taken or enticed away or detained, is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for fourteen years.

It is a defence to a charge of any of the offences defined in this section of this Code to prove t hat the accused person claimed in good faith a right to the possession of the child, or, in the case of an illegitimate child, is its mother or claimed to be its father.

Section 371 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria

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