Section 374 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria. Definition of publication

(1) For the purposes of this Code, the publication of defamatory matter is‐

(a) in the case of spoken words or audible sounds, the speaking of such words or the making of such sounds in the hearing of the person defamed or any other person;

(b) in other cases, the exhibiting of it in public, or causing it to be read or seen, or showing or delivering it, or causing it to be shown or delivered, with intent that it may be read or seen by the person defamed or by any other person.

(2) Sounds where recorded shall, if defamatory, be deemed to be published if reproduced in any place to the hearing of persons other than the person causing it to be reproduced.

(3) In this section‐

"recorded" means sounds collected or stored by means of tape, disc, cylinder or other means whatsoever, where the sounds are capable of being reproduced or are intended for reproduction by electrical or mechanical means at any time or from time to time thereafter, and includes the matrix, and cognate expressions shall have the like meaning;

"sound" includes speech and mere noise.

Section 374 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria

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