Section 419B of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria. Presumption as to false pretences in certain circumstances

Where in any proceedings for an offence under section 419 or 4l9A of this Code it is proved that the accused‐

[1966 No. 84.]

(a) obtained or induced the delivery of anything capable of being stolen; or

(b) obtained credit for himself or any other person, by means of a cheque that, when presented for payment within a reasonable time, was dishonoured on the ground that no funds or insufficient funds were standing to the credit of the drawer of the cheque in the bank on which the cheque was drawn,

the thing or its delivery shall be deemed to have been obtained or induced, or the credit shall be deemed to have been obtained, by a false pretence, unless the court is satisfied by evidence that when the accused issued the cheque he had reasonable grounds for believing, and did in fact believe, that it would be honoured if presented within a reasonable time after its issue by him.

Section 419B of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria

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