Section 240A of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria. Offences relating to lotteries

Any person who‐

(a) gives or sells or offers for sale or delivers any lottery ticket or pays or receives directly or indirectly any money or money's worth for or in respect of any chance in or event or contingency connected with a public lottery; or

(b) draws, throws, declares or exhibits, expressly or otherwise, the winner or winning number, ticket, lot, figure, design, symbol, or other result of any public lottery; or

(c) writes, prints, publishes, or causes to be written, printed, or published, any lottery ticket, or any announcement relating to a public lottery; or

(d) advances, furnishes, or receives money for the purpose of a public lottery; or

(e) in any manner carries on, or assists in carrying on, or invites or solicits any person to take part in, a public lottery,

is liable to a fine not exceeding one hundred naira or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months.

Section 240A of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria

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