Section 240E of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria. Lotteries carried on in clubs with approval of Minister

(1) A Minister may grant to any club a licence authorising a lottery to be promoted and carried


subject to any conditions contained in the licence, as an incident of entertainment by members of the club on the premises of the club.

[L.N. 257 of 1959.]

(2) It shall be a condition of every licence granted to a club under subsection (1) of this section in respect of a lottery that only members of the club and their guests introduced in accordance with the rules of the club shall have access to the lottery.

(3) A lottery promoted and carried on in a club in accordance with the terms of a licence issued under this section of this Code shall not be deemed to be a public lottery.

(4) When any condition of a licence granted under this section of this Code is contravened, every person concerned in the promotion or carrying on of the lottery is guilty of an offence, unless he proves that the contravention was committed without his knowledge, and liable on summary conviction to a fine of forty naira or to imprisonment for four months.

Section 240E of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria

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