Section 507 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria. Offences by members of a crew

(1) Any person who‐

(a) having entered into an agreement to serve in the crew of any ship fails to enter upon his employment; or

(b) being a member of the crew of any ship‐

(i) deserts or without leave or lawful cause absents himself from duty;

(ii) is intoxicated during working hours;

(iii) refuses without reasonable excuse therefor to obey the order of any person in authority over him;

(iv) uses abusive or insulting language to any person in authority over him;

(iv) wilfully does any act tending to the loss of or damage or serious risk to his employer's property;

(vi) refuses or omits without reasonable cause to do any act proper and requisite to be done by him for preserving his employer's property,

is guilty of a simple offence and is liable to a fine of ten naira.

(2) Any person serving in the crew of any ship who combines with any of the crew to disobey lawful commands, or to neglect duty, or to impede the navigation of the ship or the progress of the voyage, shall be liable to imprisonment for three months.

(3) The offender may be tried in any place where he is or to which he may be brought.

(4) A master or person in charge of an ocean‐going ship may inquire into any offence under this section of this Code, and may impose upon the offender a fine not exceeding ten naira to be levied by stoppage from the offender's wages.

Section 507 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria

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