Section 1 of the Labour Act in Nigeria. Manner of payment

(1) Subject to this section-

(a) the wages of a worker shall in all contracts be made payable in legal tender and not otherwise; and

(b) if in any contract the whole or any part of the wages of a worker is made payable in any other manner the contract shall be illegal, null and void.

(2) An employer may provide food, a dwelling place or any other allowance or privilege as a part of a worker's remuneration if the food, dwelling place, allowance or privilege is prescribed by law, by a collective agreement or by an arbitration award because it is customary or desirable in view of the nature of the industry or occupation in which the worker is engaged; but in no case shall an employer give to any worker any intoxicating liquor or noxious drug by way of remuneration.

(3) Except where otherwise expressly permitted by this Act, wages payable in money shall be paid only in legal tender or, with the prior consent in writing of the worker concerned, by cheque or postal order and payment or purported payment in any other form shall be illegal, null and void.

Section 1 of the Labour Act in Nigeria

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