Section 38 of the Labour Act in Nigeria. Duration of contract and return passages

(1) The period of a foreign contract shall be in accordance with the terms of any agreement entered into between Nigeria and any other country for the purpose of the recruitment in Nigeria of Nigerian workers for service in the country concerned, and subject thereto, a foreign contract shall not be for a longer period than-

(a) one year, if the worker is not accompanied by his family; or

(b) two years, if the worker is accompanied by his family.

(2) Within thirty days after the expiration of a foreign contract, the employer to whom the employer's permit was granted under section 24 of this Act (or the agent of that employer) shall offer to provide the worker with a return passage for himself and his family, if any, to the place of recruitment, together with proper accommodation and maintenance on the journey.

(3) If, while a worker under a foreign contract is on a journey or voyage-

(a) the period expressed in his contract for the duration of the contract expires; or

(b) he gives notice to terminate the contract, the employer may prolong the contract for a period not exceeding one month for the purpose of completing the journey or voyage.

Section 38 of the Labour Act in Nigeria

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