Section 50 of the Labour Act in Nigeria. Attestation

(1) Every contract of apprenticeship and every assignment thereof shall be in writing; and no such writing shall be valid unless attested by and made with the approval of an authorized labour officer certified in writing under his hand on the contract or assignment.

(2) Before attesting any contract of apprenticeship, an authorized labour officer shall-

(a) ascertain that the apprentice has consented to the contract and that his consent has not been obtained by coercion or undue influence or as the result of misrepresentation or mistake; and

(b) satisfy himself that-

(i) the apprenti ce has been medicall y examine d and certified by a qualified medical practitio ner to be physical ly and mentally fit to be employe d and trained in the employ ment specifie d in the contract,

(ii) the parties to the contract have fully understo od the terms of the contract before signing it or otherwis e indicatin g consent,

(iii) provisio n has been made in the contract as to the manner in which any remuner ation in cash or otherwis e due to the apprenti ce shall be determin ed and as to the scale of increase in remuner ation during the course of the apprenti ceship,

(iv) provisio n has been made in the contract for payment of remuner ation to the apprenti ce during illness and during holidays, if any,

(v) where the apprenti ce is unable by reason of his apprenti ceship to return to his home at the end of each day, the contract contains adequate provisio n to ensure that the apprenti ce is supplied with food, clothing, accomm odation and medical attention, and

(vi) the terms of the contract are in accorda nce with any regulatio ns made under section 52 of this Act.

Section 50 of the Labour Act in Nigeria

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