Section 61 of the Labour Act in Nigeria. Shipping

(1) No young person under the age of fifteen years shall be employed in any vessel, except where-

(a) the vessel is a school or training vessel and the work on which the young person is employed is-

(i) work of a kind approve d by the Minister, and

(ii) supervis ed by a public officer or by a public departm ent; or

(b) only members of the young person's family are employed.

(2) No young person shall be employed in a vessel as a trimmer or stoker:

Provided that, where a trimmer or stoker is required in a place in which only young persons are available, young persons of and over the age of sixteen years may be employed in that capacity, so however that two such young persons shall be engaged and employed in the place of each trimmer or stoker required.

(3) No young person shall be employed in any vessel other than a vessel in which only persons of his family are employed unless he is in possession of a certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner to the effect that he is fit for the employment or work; and, where such a certificate is issued, then-

(a) subject to paragraph

(b) of this subsection, the certificate shall be valid for one year from the date of issue, or, if it would otherwise expire in the course of a voyage, until the end of the voyage in question; and

(b) the certificate may at any time be revoked by a qualified medical practitioner if he is satisfied that the young person is no longer fit for the employment or work.

(4) There shall be included in every agreement with the crew of a vessel a list of young persons who are members of the crew, together with particulars of the dates of their births; and, in the case of a vessel in which there is no such agreement, the master shall keep a register (which shall at all times be open to inspection by an authorized labour officer or customs officer) of such young persons as may be employed in the vessel with particulars of the dates of their births and the dates on which they became or ceased to be members of the crew.

(5) In this section-

"customs officer" means any person employed in the Department of Customs and Excise, or for the time being performing duties in relation to customs and excise;

"vessel" includes floating craft of every description except ships of war.

Section 61 of the Labour Act in Nigeria

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