Section 52 of the Labour Act in Nigeria. Regulations

The Minister may make regulations providing for-

(a) the form of contracts of apprenticeship, the terms and conditions upon which contracts of apprenticeship may be lawfully entered into and the duties and obligations of apprentices and their masters;

(b) the registration of contracts of apprenticeship with a specified officer;

(c) the number of apprentices who may be apprenticed during a specified period in any specified trade or employment;

(d) the technical and other qualifications of employers entitling them to take and train apprentices;

(e) the conditions governing the entry of persons over twelve and under sixteen years of age into apprenticeship;

(f) the mutual rights and obligations of employer and apprentice;

(g) the supervision to be established over apprenticeship, with a view to ensuring in particular that the regulations governing apprenticeship and the terms of any contract of apprenticeship are observed, that the training is satisfactory and that there is reasonable uniformity in the conditions of apprenticeship; and

(h) the holding of examinations of apprentices on the expiry of the period of apprenticeship and, where necessary, in the course of apprenticeship, determining the methods of organizing the examinations and the issue of certificates based on the results thereof.

Section 52 of the Labour Act in Nigeria

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