Section 9 of the Labour Act in Nigeria. Contracts: general

(1) No contract shall be deemed to be binding on the family or dependants of a worker unless it contains an express provision to that effect.

(2) An employer shall be responsible for the performance of any contract made by any person acting on his behalf.

(3) Except in the case of a contract of apprenticeship, no person under the age of sixteen years shall be capable of entering into a contract of employment under this Act.

(4) No contract shall provide for the payment of wages at intervals exceeding one month unless the written consent of the State Authority has been previously obtained.

(5) No worker shall be bound by virtue of any contract under this Act to answer for the debt, default or miscarriage of any other person.

(6) No contract shall-

(a) make it a condition of employment that a worker shall or shall not join a trade union or shall or shall not relinquish membership of a trade union; or

(b) cause the dismissal of, or otherwise prejudice, a worker-

(i) by reason of trade union member ship, or 

(ii) because of trade union activitie s outside working hours or, with the consent of the employe r, within working hours, or

(iii) by reason of the fact that he has lost or been deprived of member ship of a trade union or has refused or been unable to become, or for any other reason is not, a member of a trade union.

(7) A contract shall be terminated-

(a) by the expiry of the period for which it was made; or

(b) by the death of the worker before the expiry of that period; or

(c) by notice in accordance with section 11 of this Act or in any other way in which a contract is legally terminable or held to be terminated.

(8) The termination of a contract by the death of a worker shall be without prejudice to the legal claims of his personal representatives or dependants.

Section 9 of the Labour Act in Nigeria

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