Section 10 of the Labour Act in Nigeria. Transfer to other employment

(1) The transfer of any contract from one employer to another shall be subject to the consent of the worker and the endorsement of the transfer upon the contract by an authorized labour officer.

(2) Before endorsing the transfer upon the contract, the officer in question-

(a) shall ascertain that the worker has freely consented to the transfer and that his consent has not been obtained by coercion or undue influence or as a result of misrepresentation or mistake; and

(b) if by the transfer the worker will-

(i) change his form of employ ment from one which is the subject of an exempti on order made under section 8 (2) of this Act, or

(ii) be subject to such a change of conditio ns as in the officer's opinion renders such a course advisabl e, may require the worker to be medicall y examine d or re- examine d, as the case may be.

Section 10 of the Labour Act in Nigeria

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