Section 29 of the Labour Act in Nigeria. Transport

(1) The recruiter or employer shall provide transport to the place of employment, except in so far as an authorized labour officer may in any particular case certify that the provision of transport is impossible for the whole or any part of the journey.

(2) The Minister shall issue such directions as he may consider necessary to ensure that-

(a) the vehicles and vessels used for the transport of recruited workers are suitable for the purpose;

(b) when it is necessary to break the journey for the night, suitable accommodation is provided;

(c) in the case of long journeys all necessary arrangements are made for medical assistance for the recruited workers and for their welfare;

(d) where recruited workers have to make long journeys on foot to the place of employment-

(i) the length of the daily journey is compati ble with the health and strength of the recruited workers, and

(ii) if the extent of the moveme nt of labour renders it necessar y, rest camps or rest houses are provided at suitable points on the main routes and are kept in proper sanitary conditio n and have the necessar y facilities for medical attention; and

(e) adequate protection (which may include the provision of separate accommodation) is afforded during the journey to members of the family of a recruited worker accompanying him under section 34 or 44 of this Act.

(3) Where recruited workers have to make long journeys in groups to the place of employment, they shall be conveyed by a responsible person approved by an authorized labour officer.

(4) The Minister may make regulations prescribing the conditions under which recruited workers may be transported by road, sea or air and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, any such regulations may make provision for compliance with Nigerian immigration laws and for the recovery of any expenses incurred by the Federal Government in repatriating any worker.

Section 29 of the Labour Act in Nigeria

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