Section 27 of the Labour Act in Nigeria. Recruiting: miscellaneous provisions

(1) Every recruiter shall keep in the prescribed form records from which the regularity of every recruiting operation and of his own conduct can be verified and shall produce the records for inspection on demand by an authorized labour officer.

(2) No person shall assist a recruiter in a subordinate capacity in the actual recruiting operation unless he has been approved in writing by the Minister and has been furnished with written authority by the recruiter; and, where a recruiter's assistant commits an offence under this Part of this Act, both the assistant and the recruiter shall be deemed to have committed the offence and shall each be liable on conviction to the penalty therefor.

(3) A recruiter who is the agent or assistant of another recruiter-

(a) shall receive a fixed salary; or

(b) with the written approval of the Minister, may receive remuneration calculated at a rate per capita of workers recruited, the rate being specified in the approval.

(4) No recruiter shall recruit any young person:

Provided that the Minister may in writing authorize the recruitment of young persons whose apparent age exceeds sixteen years with the consent of the parents or guardian for employment in an occupation appearing to the Minister not to be injurious to their moral or physical development, subject to such safeguards relating to their welfare as may be stated in the authorization.

(5) No advance in excess of a total sum of ten naira shall be paid to any recruited worker in respect of wages prior to his employment, and any advance which is made shall be subject to such conditions as the Minister may direct either generally or in respect of any particular case.

(6) In any case where a recruited worker is not engaged at or near the place of recruiting, the Minister may in his discretion require, either generally or in any specific .recruiting operation, the issue to the worker of a document in writing containing particulars of-

(a) the identity of the worker;

(b) the prospective conditions of employment; and

(c) any advance of wages made to the worker; and containing such other particulars as the Minister may consider necessary.

(7) The recruiting of the head of a family shall not be deemed to involve the recruiting of any member of his family.

(8) Where a worker's family accompanies him to his place of employment under section 34 or 44 of this Act, he and the members of his family shall not be separated except at the express request of the persons concerned.

Section 27 of the Labour Act in Nigeria

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