Section 24 of the Labour Act in Nigeria. Employer's permit

(1) If any person is desirous of recruiting-

(a) for himself or any other person; or

(b) for any association of employers; or

(c) for a public authority; or

(d) for the government of any country outside Nigeria, the services of any citizen as a worker in Nigeria or elsewhere, he may apply in writing to the Minister giving the particulars specified in subsection (2) of this section.

(2) The particulars referred to in subsection (1) of this section are-

(a) the number of workers required;

(b) the place where the work is to be performed;

(c) the nature of the work;

(d) the wages to be paid;

(e) the duration of the proposed contract; and

(f) whether or not it is desired to obtain the workers through a recruiter.

(3) Where the work is to be performed outside Nigeria, the Minister may require the production of a letter of recommendation from the government of the place where the work is to be performed certifying that the applicant is a fit and proper person to be granted a permit.

(4) Upon receipt of an application under subsection (1) of this section and, if required, a letter of recommendation under subsection (3) of this section, the Minister may grant to the applicant a permit to engage personally or through a recruiter the number of workers required (or a smaller number) within such area as may be specified in the permit.

(5) The particulars of every permit granted under this section shall be published in the Federal Gazette, and no such permit shall remain in force for a longer period than six months from the date of issue.

(6) It shall be an implied term of every permit granted under this section that the workers recruited shall be grouped at the place of employment under suitable ethnical conditions.

(7) Except in the case of workers recruited for the service of a public authority, the Minister shall-

(a) before granting a permit under this section, require security in such amount as he may think fit (either by way of deposit or otherwise) to be given by the employer or his agent or both-

(i) for the payment of the wages and travellin g expense s of the workers about to be recruited;

(ii) for the payment of any expense s which may be incurred by the Federal Govern ment in respect of the workers or their families; and

(iii) for the payment of any fine which may be imposed upon the employe r under this Part of this Act; and

(b) endorse upon the permit full particulars of the security given.

Section 24 of the Labour Act in Nigeria

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