Section 68 of the Labour Act in Nigeria. Registration of employers

(1) The Minister may make regulations for the registration of employers.

(2) Regulations made under this section may-

(a) provide for the registration of employers (or specific classes of employers) generally or in specific areas to be prescribed in the regulations;

(b) prescribe the manner of, and conditions for, registration and the person by whom and the manner in which the register is to be maintained;

(c) prescribe the circumstances in which employers may be refused registration or struck off the register;

(d) without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (c) of this subsection, provide for employers to be refused registration or to be struck off the register, as the case may be, if they Fail to comply with conditions specified in the regulations;

(e) prohibit the employment of citizens as workers by unregistered employers;

(f) impose penalties for contraventions of the regulations not exceeding a fine of N1,500 or imprisonment For a period of two years, or both; and

(g) contain such incidental or related provisions as the Minister thinks necessary or expedient.

Section 68 of the Labour Act in Nigeria

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