Section 77 of the Labour Act in Nigeria. Authorized labour offices

(1) The Minister may by writing under his hand authorize-

(a) any public officer serving in a ministry or department for which the Minister is responsible; and

(b) with the consent of the State Authority, any officer in the public service of a State, to be an authorized labour officer for the purposes of this Act

(2) An authorization under subsection (1) of this section may-

(a) as regards the officer authorized, be made by name or by office;

(b) relate to the whole of the Federation or any specified part or parts thereof; and

(c) relate to the whole of this Act or any specified provision or provisions thereof.

(3) No authorized labour officer, except in so far as is necessary for the purposes of a complaint or prosecution under this Act, shall publish or disclose to any person the details of any manufacturing, commercial or working process which may come to his knowledge in the course of his duties.

(4) An authorized labour officer shall treat as absolutely confidential the source of any complaint alleging a contravention of this Act, and where he visits an employer's premises in consequence of such a complaint, shall give no indication to the employer or the employer's representative that the visit was made in consequence of the complaint.

Section 77 of the Labour Act in Nigeria

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