Section 70 of the Labour Act in Nigeria. Employment exchanges

The Minister may make regulations-

(a) authorizing the establishment of registration offices, to be known as employment exchanges, at which industrial workers may attend for registration and make application for employment and to which employers may notify vacancies;

(b) providing for the issue of certificates of registration and identity to registered industrial workers and the replacement, on payment of such fee as may be prescribed, of any such certificates when lost or destroyed;

(c) prescribing the particulars to be furnished on registration;

(d) providing for the taking of photographs and fingerprints of registered industrial workers as a means of identification;

(e) regulating or restricting the numbers of registered industrial workers employed, either generally or in specified businesses or undertakings;

(f) prescribing the duties of registered persons and others in respect of certificates of registration and identity;

(g) requiring employers in such occupations as may be specified to furnish returns of such matters relating to the employment of workers as may be specified; and

(h) prescribing fees to be charged under the regulations.

Section 70 of the Labour Act in Nigeria

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